while shopping in Göteborg I fell in love with a lot of Swedish brands... I now realized why, two things a lot of them have in common is that they make products that are minimal and timeless. If I had more space in my suitcase (and if they were easier to carry) I would have bought these low key pots. They must be the nicest terra cotta pots that I have ever seen (yes, I am a Drama Queen). The other thing I regret not buying is this acne swimsuit, once again super simple but I love the detailing of the back...

Colors & Cacti

During a Frida exhibition in Gothenburg we spotted this amazing corner of the greenhouse!

Sailing in Sweden

Pierre Buttin

This project by Pierre Buttin illustrates perfectly what I love about the Brutalist movement in web design. By taking our favorite applications and showing what they might look like in the aforementioned aesthetic. See all of them on Pierre's website.


Interactive Sun

The artist Philip Schüte creates an interactive sunset. I cant help but love to see work like this where you can actually engage in art.

The Skirt Chronicles

The Skirt Chronicles is an ad free magazine from Paris. After receiving the first volume I am already looking forward to their future publications and collaborations. The magazine is a " collaborative platform with the ambition of creating a community which celebrates diverse cultures and generations". If you haven't already, order yours here.

Muji Tags

Not quite sure what draws me to Muji's tag system designed by Kenya Hara. They are the only tags I leave on the products after I purchase them. As a designer thats obsessed with minimalism I dont know why I love these. Add that to the fact that I dont understand japanese.

Levo Recondite

I've been forced by my sister to start watching The Young Pope with Jude Law. Its weird I'm currently three episodes in and cant figure out the character and its frustrating how unpredictable he is. In the middle of episode 3 this track started playing and fit so perfectly with the visuals and the vibe of the moment. I was completely transfixed for the few minutes these beats laid the foundation to Sorrenti's amazing visuals.

Laurie Melia Ceramics

I discovered Lauries ceramics on Instagram. I'm in love with her vulva flower pots. I've been trying to buy one for the past 3 months, but as soon as she puts them online they sell out immediately. "Here's the link to her online store"

Sony a7 vs rx

Every few months I look into the newest crop of digital camera's. My favourite analog camera is the Contax T2 so Im hunting something comparable. I love the fixed lens and that by some magic every time you press the shutter you're going to get a good shot! The closest digital comparison I found was the Ricoh GR. Which sadly died after a leaking dry bag incident in Thailand. Currently, I've been using the first generation Sony RX100. It's small, unobtrusive and has a great flash for night time photography.

Still, I miss having a full format sensor. My research for a simple full format setup has led me to the Sony A7 with Voigtlander lenses. Small honest and straightforward especially coupled with a fixed manual lens like the 35mm voigtlander. Foster Huntington showed off this exact setup on his instagram and seems happy with it;

Im still undecided because I'm weighing the image quality for the fact that the Sony A7 might not be a take everywhere camera. And thats what I love about the Sony RX or the Ricoh GR. They easily fit into a jacket pocket so theres no excuse to throw it into your bag when you leave the house.

Still havent made a decision but currently content with the little RX100 until I get the chance to use both and really assess just how much better the images out of the Sony A7 will be.

Brutalist Web

I'm in love with this collection of "Brutalist" websites. As an UX designer its frustrating how much our industry adheres to standards and norms. Its so nice to watch this movement break through all the rules of what a website should be. While 99% of us are obsessed with grids typography and the ease of the web the brutalist movement might actually bring back a little excitement and surprise into surfing the web!

Spring '17

zoe in the park.